About Self Esteem

The most important relationship we have is the relationship we have with our 'self'.
We cannot begin to have healthy relationships with others until we develop a positive relationship with our 'self'.

"It is surprising how many of us go through life not liking ourselves and not liking our bodies.

There are many things we cannot change about ourselves, for example, if you are born with certain physical characteristics there is little you can do about this, however what we can do is to recognize that whilst there are some things we cannot change due to our genetic makeup, the parents and situations we were born into THERE IS MUCH we can change in the attitude we have to ourselves AND WE CAN begin to develop an accepting, nurturing and positive relationship with ourselves.  
Do you ever think your body in a negative context.....maybe because it does not look or function the way you would like, or it causes you pain or discomfort. This 'war' you have with your body is the greatest of tragedies...as in reality your body is the only body you are ever going to have and for you to stay in a negative relationship with your body (yourself) means you stop yourself from experiencing pleasure, comfort and joy, feelings which enable you to KNOW a sense of wellbeing in your life.
Your emotional wellbeing is intrinsically linked to your relationship with your body.
(I have yet to meet a person who suffers from poor self esteem who says that they like their body)


It is worth knowing that you can learn to be in relationshipwith
your body and yourself
in a more positive & lovingly accepting way,
through bodywork and utilizing affirmations
....and as a consequence of this you can start to live
'in the present'...or in the 'here & now'
... and hence be able to experience and enjoy being alive" 

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