The following links are in someway related to wellness/wellbeing/healing or links of organizations that I would
like to share with you
These two Website provide a free listing service as well as being a resource for seeking information about other healers/practitioners

Alternative Medicine Digest -
Feng Shui Practitioner- Vicki Sauvage -
HAMR: Title: Hand Actuated Mental Reconditioning. Description: mental health, depression suicide prevention catagory. Free instructions on how to use the HAMR system. Free download that fits on a disk.  
Healing Dimensions (Jane Hall & Bruce Abbott) - 
Health World Online -
Healthy Ideas -
HerbNet -
Australian Complementary Health Association.Complementary Therapies Practitioner Listing. -
National Association for Loss and Grief (NALAG) -
Ortho-Bionomy - 
Ortho-Bionomy, Australian website -
PubMed -
Trager Approach -
Wise Woman Business centering on women's (all ages) natural fertility and menstrual wellbeing. Provider of courses and products. Offering advice on all aspects of Women's health issues from qualified midwife Kerry Hampton (MA), based in Victoria, Australia

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