ABOUT ELLIE...an Overview
ELLIE LARGE has been a Complementary and Bodywork Therapist for many years.
She believes that her father's death triggered the development of a childhood form of rheumatoid arthritis and over the years this condition has been the impetus for much learning and has informed her work as a 'wounded healer'. 'Wellness, wellbeing, healing and understanding the body/mind connection' are the underpinnings of her work.
Ellie is a General and Mental Health Nurse, has a Graduate Diploma in Complementary Therapies, a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and a Certificate in Ego-State Therapy. Her professional background includes working in the areas of Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug and Palliative Care. Whilst in Melbourne she conducted Relaxation Sessions incorporating a body-centred dialogue with voice toning.
Because of her recognition of the emotional component in the development of illness she was instrumental in setting up the Tasmanian Branch of N.A.L.A.G. (National Association for Loss & Grief).
She has a an abiding curiosity about the body/mind relationship, and believes that the body and mind have an innate wisdom which when awakened enables healing to occur. Her own style of bodywork has evolved from her extensive training in a range of bodywork and energy modalities, some of these being Swedish Massage, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Ortho-Bionomy®......her manner of working is respectful and gentle, assisting the person to re-experience comfort and to feel nurtured.....and at a deep level being able to bring forth self healing.
By also combining a conversational and or counselling approach that utilises images and metaphors with this bodywork, Ellie invites a person to 'be in relationship' with themselves..... physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Her healing approach is valuable for general life stresses, loss and grief issues, improving self esteem, musculo-skeletal problems such as tension, arthritis, limitations in mobility or old injuries, pain relief OR just to be pampered.

email: info@creativewellness.com.au
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