About Healing - An Overview of the Body-Mind Connection


The 'body-mind connection' means that what we feel and think has a direct consequence on our physical body, that our body and our mind are not separate but are intrinsically linked.


There is much compelling evidence that it is possible to create positive change in the dynamic balance or homeostasis of the body and that this can occur by establishing a dialogue between the mind and the body, a dialogue that utilises "images, sensations, ideas, beliefs"*to engage the mind's powerful ability to instigate action in such a way that changes occur within the physiological, neurological and immunological systems of the body. 

This ability for change as a consequence of this dialogue is profound. It is as if the dialogue reminds or re-awakens the natural intelligence of the individual as well as inviting and encouraging a return to a dynamic balance, the essential ingredient for healing, health and wellbeing to prevail.

Combining a conversational and or counselling approach with gentle bodywork is one way of cultivating this dialogue between the body and the mind enabling your body to release and unlock patterns of tension and holding that have developed throughout your life.

Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing: New concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis


Ernest Lawrence Rossi



The following essays explore the mind/body connection

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